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Help Paying for Migraine Medications and Doctors' Visits

It's a sad commentary on our society as well as the state of the U.S. economy that people are going without their Migraine medications because they can't afford to pay for them. Even worse, it's happening more and more frequently as the U.S. economy is in upheaval. Even those with health insurance are having problems, especially as insurance companies narrow their formularies, raise copayments, and otherwise increase the portion of prescription expenses for which patients are responsible.

image from www.helpforheadaches.com The major pharmaceutical companies have patient assistance programs set up to help people who can't afford their medications. Figuring out these programs can be problematic as the requirements and application process varies from company to company, and the various programs can change over time.

Partnership for Prescription Assistance brings applications for all of those programs together in one place. They also have information on nearly 10,000 free health care clinics and has connected more than a quarter of a million patients with clinics and health care providers in their communities.

Do you need help paying for health care and prescriptions? Do you know someone else who does?

Learn more about the Partnership for Prescription Assistance in this article: Partnership for Prescription Assistance: Helping Those Who Can't  Afford Medications and Health Care.

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