Migraine Pearls or Onions? 1/20/11
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Migraine Pearls or Onions? 1/26/11

PearlsOrOnions150x100 When it comes to online Migraine information, the quality of what we find has quite a wide range. It can be bright, polished, and valuable, or it can be... well, rough and stinky.

This feature, "Migraine Pearls or Onions?," highlights both the Migraine Pealrs I come across online and the stinky Migraine Onions.

So, first up...today's Migraine Pearl... the Migraine Research Foundation (MRF). One of the biggest problems facing Migraineurs is lack of adequate research founding. The Migraine Research Foundation was started to help with this problem. With all of their operating expenses underwritten, 100% of every dollar donated goes to Migraine Research.

Last week, the MRF announced the recipients of their 2010 research awards. There are seven of them this time, and the research looks quite interesting and promising. You can read more about the MRF, the research they're funding, and this year's recipients in Migraine Research Foundation Awards 2010 Research Grants.

Now, on to today's Migraine Onion. I came across The Migraine Relief Guide some time ago. It's an e-book that people were asking about. I paid the $37.00 asking price for it so I could responsibly answer the questions I was receiving about it.

Well! Here's the hype from their web site:

Discover The Secret To Completely Eliminating Your Migraine
Pain Forever In The Next 48 Hours & Never Spedn Another Dime
On Expensive, Dangerous Treatments

Uh huh. Now, let me tell you what The Migraine Relief Guide really is. It's a 65-page pdf file. That includes the introduction, table of contents, etc. Chapter one doesn't even start until page 8. About the remaining pages:

  • Wome of the basic information is outdated.
  • The author, Elizabeth Hayden, calls herself an "Author and Migraine Expert," yet she lists types of Migraines and headaches not recognized by the International Headache Society's International Classification of Headache Disorders, the gold standard for diagnosing and classifying headache disorders.
  • In discussing causes and triggers, she uses the terms interchangably. Big mistake!

I could go on and on about this so-called book, but it's not worth the time or space. Of the parts of it that were reasonably accurate, there was not one bit of information that can't be found online FREE!

As if this book weren't already an insult to our intelligence, it appears that it's now being sold through affiliates. There are articles popping up on many web sites, supposedly articles about Migraines, that are nothing more than poorly disguised ads for people selling this useless pdf file. My advice to you? If you want to spend $37, go to Amazon.com. For that $37, you can buy a couple of GOOD Migraine books! You can even find some suggestions in the Amazon widget in the left column of this blog.

If you'd like to make a suggestion for a Migraine Pearl or a Migraine Onion, please leave me a comment!

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