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Dear 18-year-old Teri...

WritingLetterDear 18-year-old Teri,

On one hand, I wish I could send this letter back in time to you. On the other hand, that might change what you do and how you do it, and that would change who I am today. I am the product of all you'll do in the next 40 years.

There are going to be rough times. That's a given. You'll get through them, and you'll be stronger for having gone through them. One way or another, you can handle whatever comes your way. Probably the most important thing in life is how you treat other people, what you do for other people when you have opportunities.

I remember you at 18, and I remember that it's hard to take advice that age. Still, I'm going to offer you some advice that I hope will resonate with you.

You should...

  • trust your instincts more.
  • meditate more.
  • learn from everything, especially your mistakes. Your mistakes will often teach you more than your successes.
  • take charge of your health now and stay in charge. I know everyone says it gets harder as you get older, and that's the last thing you want to hear now, but it's true.
  • remember to tell people you care about them. Say, "I love you," while you have the chance. Life is too short to begin with, and for some people, it's cut short way too soon. Grab those chances!
  • realize that you can do things that you've never even dreamed of doing. Grab chances when they come along. You'll surprise yourself.
  • learn to say, "No." There are only so many hours in a day and only so much one person can do. We all have limits, and there's no shame in that.
  • walk away from toxic people and toxic relationships. Avoid emotional and spiritual vampires.
  • remember that life can take some strange turns, but there's always a reason.
  • use what you've learned from problems and adversity to help other people who find themselves in similar situations.

Try not to...

  • worry about things you can't change. That's such a negative expenditure of energy.
  • take things so personally.
  • give people so many chances. You can't change what people are going to do. Giving people a second chance is only right and fitting, but after that, don't give people chances in situations where you can get hurt.
  • get angry with people. Just remember karma.
  • second guess God.

Love when love comes along, remain strong in your faith and spirituality, and enjoy the music!

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Live well,



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