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Migraine Awareness Month 15: We're Like Pennies

AwarenessMonth2012BC2Good afternoon, and welcome to day 15 of National Migraine Awareness Month!

Today's prompt for the Migraine Awareness Month blog challenge is:

Migraine Awareness Month #15: Free Blog!
Blog on a Migraine related topic of your choice.

I like this one! My topic will seem a bit strange to you at first, so please bear with me...

I want to talk about how people are like pennies. Yes, pennies.

See, I told you it would seem a bit strange. Allow me to explain...

I spent about 10 years after my divorce living single, alone, and working a job that didn't pay all that well, and no health insurance. One of my biggest frustrations was that I love, love, love to give presents, especially at Christmas, but there wasn't a lot of money during that period of time. What I decided to do was keep a big jar in my closet, and when I came in every evening, take the change out of my purse and put it in the jar. No matter what happened, I never touched that change until time for Christmas shopping. I was always truly amazed at how much a few cents here and a few cents there added up to.

Are you starting to see where I'm going? People and advocacy efforts are much like pennies in a jar. It's all cumulative. Every person one of us can educate about Migraine disease is one less person out there who "doesn't get it," who thinks Migraines are "just bad headaches," who gives us a hard time at work or doesn't understand why the chronic Migraineur next door hasn't left their house for six months, who feeds the stigma associated with Migraine. One less. And one more who can help spread the word. One more. And just like that change in my jar, it's amazing how quickly all of those people can add up.

AwarenessMonthContest166So, here's the question - How do we do that? How does that chronic Migraineur I just referred to who hasn't been able to leave her or his house for the last six months do that?

If we use our imaginations and creativity, we CAN answer that question. One of my goals for Migraine Awareness Month is go put together a list of some ways individuals can help raise awareness even if they're not well, ways that cost little or nothing. To do that, I'm having a contest on the HealthCentral Migraine community site. One of our readers there has already give us a great suggestion that I'll share with you here as an example of what I'm looking for:

How about changing our phone answering messages to include something brief and upbeat about June being Migraine Awareness Month? Something like,

"Hi, this is MJ, I'm out spreading the news that June is Migraine Awareness Month, but I'll get back to you soon, so leave me a message!"

Or, "Hi, this is MJ. It's June 14 and I'm inviting you to wear a purple ribbon along with me in support Migraine Awareness Month. Leave me a message!"

AwarenessContestPrizesTo enter the contest for a chance to win the prize package on the right, go to Enter Our Migraine Awareness Month Contest!

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