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WomanBoxingBlack150Good afternoon, my Migraine family and friends! I hope this day finds as many of you as possible free from pain and doing well.

There are more than 37 million of us in the United States alone who have Migraine disease. Many of us really struggle with Migraines. Approximately 3.2 million Americans have chronic Migraines, which means they have a Migraine or headache at least 15 days a month - or more often than not.

For many, many years, I believed and said that I wouldn't wish a Migraine on my worst enemy. Over the years, the unbelievably callous attitudes of people have changed my mind. There ARE people upon whom I'd wish a Migraine.

This afternoon, a Google alert caught my attention and led me to some of those people. The alert led to this video:

As the video went on, did you notice laughter in the background? Did you notice that the guy on the right was laughing so hard he could barely stand? What jerks! Have they ever felt a moment of pain in thier lives?

So, yes, I DO wish a Migraine on the people who created that video. What's more, I wish those who find it funny could experience just one severe Migraine so they'd know what we experience. I'd bet they wouldn't find it so damned funny any longer.

I don't get it. Is the world going to hell in a hand basked as the old expression goes or what? We have innocent people being gunned down in movie theaters and people who are so stupidly self centered that they can't recognize the pain and suffering of others. Obviously, I can't begin to address the problems of the world, but you can bet I'm going to stand up and object when I see such cruelty and stupidity show about Migraine and those who live with it!

To those of you who are working to help others, God bless you! To those of you doing things such as this video -- Look out. Karma's a bitch!

Live well,



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