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Sunday Thoughts on Living with Migraine 7/3/16

TravelGood Sunday morning to you! I hope the morning is being kind to you and finds you with no Migraine, headache, or other health issue. To those of you for whom this hope is false today, I send warm thoughts and hope for tomorrow. Sunday has become a day when I review the week gone by, take stock of where things I'm involved in stand today, and look to the week ahead. Inevitably, my thoughts turn to living with Migraine and the Migraine community.

My friend Rosa, who has struggled with intractable chronic Migraine since 2008 just got home from a week of inpatient treatment. She never feels very well when she first gets home from one of those admissions, but the treatment will kick in and give her some pain-free days soon. Please keep her in your thoughts? Thank you.

It's vacation time for many, so I've seen some online discussions about traveling with Migraines. Migraine disease can make travel more difficult. (Hmmmm. Maybe I'm a master of understatement today?) Travel is more difficult for some of us than for others, and for each of us, it's more difficult at some times than others. Travel has become more and more a part of my life, partly because of attending conferences to learn more about Migraine and other Headache disorders. Because of Migraine and some other health issues — Oh, and let's not forget getting older! — it's become apparent that I need to travel smarter and lighter, or I'll have to travel less. Along the way, I've learned some things that may help you with traveling. Here are some links:

On another note, Migraine and Headache Awareness Month (MHAM) just ended, but the need for increased awareness never ends. I hope you'll join me in Raising Migraine and Headache Awareness All Year.

I hope you're having a great holiday weekend!

Live well,

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