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Sunday Thoughts on Living with Migraine - Context

HappySundayCloudGood morning, and happy Sunday to my extended Migraine and Headache family!

Migraine is one of the hottest topics online, especially in social media. There are myriad Facebook pages and groups about Migraine, and #Migraine is the #1 disease hashtag on Twitter.

Unfortunately, many people who use Facebook and Twitter to find Migraine information and support are missing out. They're missing out because they read only the headline, and don't click through to the information provided.

There's only so much that can be conveyed in a title, headline, or a Tweet, so there's often not much context. Therein lies the problem. If we read only the title, and don't click the link to read the actual content, we may:

  • miss the point entirely,
  • totally misinterpret what the piece is about,
  • ask questions that were answered in the piece.

It's not unusual for me to see a link on Facebook or Twitter and think I know what the piece is about, only to find I'm totally off-target when I click the link. Especially on my Facebook page, I notice other people falling into the same little trap. Quite often, when I post a link to an article I've written, some of the comments show that people are commenting only from reading the title. It's obvious for any number of reasons:

  • The person may be upset with me because they totally misunderstood what I was saying because they only read the title.
  • The comments may be roughly on a relevant issue, but not really related at all to the article.
  • The comments contain questions that were answered in the article.


WinkyLashes-500I don't know how many times I've leaned back in my chair and said, "Well, duh!" because I clicked a Facebook or Twitter link, and once I got to the piece of content felt silly because the topic was so obvious AFTER I clicked the link.

Does this happen to you too? Some days, I choose to blame it on "Migraine brain." Other days, I blame in on age. Still other days, I just chalk it up to a blond moment. I really think part of my problem is that, like many other people today, I've become accustomed to instant gratification - having information instantly available. Perhaps it's that and a bit of laziness that have brought me to make incorrect assumptions about content because I read only the title.

In any case, I've put a sticky note on my monitor. On that sticky note, I wrote, "Click the link!"

Live well,

PurpleRibbonTiny Teri1


 because a migraine is NOT "just a headache"



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