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On CNN or not?

Yesterday was a pretty exciting day. I got a call from CNN, asking me to do a five-minute interview for the CNN Headline News Channel. They made arrangements with our local television station for me to do the interview from there, LIVE. Of course, I was super excited! It was a great opportunity to give a huge audience information about headaches and Migraine disease. The rest of my day was filled with phone calls and preparations. At 9 p.m., I was at the local station with the ear bud, microphone, the whole ball of wax. A bit after nine, the technician told me CNN was ready to switch to me. I waited... only to find out that the station's fiber optics cable had gone down yesterday MORNING, something they hadn't told CNN about when agreeing to do this interview. So, I was read; CNN was ready to go to me -- LIVE -- but couldn't. Sigh.

Fraudulent Sites Closed, Owner Indicted

For several months, I've been following a group of fraudulent Web sites selling "cures" for cancer, Migraine disease, flu, and more. (see Online Medical Frauds and Fake Cures: What's Going On?) There were approximately 20 sites such as,,, and These sites were owned by Arthur Vanmoor, who initially operated under the name Flu Fighter Laboratories.

On March 14, a Fort Lauderdale grand jury indicted Arthur Vanmoor on multiple charges... Feature Article.

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Insurance: Love it or hate it?

I don't know what I'd do without medical insurance coverage. There's no reason to tell anyone reading this how expensive medications alone have gotten. I've become somewhat spoiled by our coverage over the years; haven't the slightest idea what a visit to my doctor actually costs because we've been paying a flat copay for years.

Well, things are going to change the first of April! John will be 65 in April, so on April 1, he begins Medicare coverage. The company from which he retired will continue to cover me on their insurance until I reach Medicare age, but they'll be moving my coverage to a different plan. For the first time in many years, I now have an annual deductible, one for medical care and another for medications. Instead of flat copayments to doctors, hospitals, etc., now I'll owe them 20% of the charges.

Does it seem backwards to anyone else that medical care starts costing MORE after retirement, when your income has been reduced and you have less money to pay for it?

Migraine Disease Awareness Art Exhibition Closing & Book Signing on St. Patrick’s Day Weekend in Historic Old Town Alexandria

Africansky250 Washington, DC (PRWEB) March 11, 2006 -- ABC World News Tonight just finished airing a three-day series drawing attention to the burden of Migraine disease and the improvement of care for sufferers. When Magnum started Migraine disease awareness public health education efforts 14 years ago, such news coverage could only be imagined. Persistent Migraine disease awareness events held by MAGNUM, ACHE, WHA, and other NGOs over the years have helped to raise the profile of this debilitating disease.

Magnum, accordingly, held a three month long Migraine disease awareness art exhibition in the historic district of Alexandria, Virginia. The closing of the exhibit will be held on St. Patrick’s Day weekend and marked with a special appearance and book signing by the author of one of the nation’s best Migraine books on Migraine... Continue reading...

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I detest constantly changing weather...

I've felt prodromal for several days now, as if a Migraine is about to smack me down. Of course, it doesn't help that it will be in the low 30s one day, then a weather front moves through, and the temp will be in the 60s the next day. Grrrrrrrrr.

Hope the weather is being kinder to other Migraineurs!