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Study Ties Gastric Stasis to Migraine Disease

Nausea is often a symptom of a Migraine attack. Some have theorized over the years that the nausea might be caused by gastric stasis, delayed emptying of the stomach. There have also been questions about how gastric stasis might affect treating Migraine attacks because it can slow the disintegration and absorption of medications in the stomach. The results of a new study, published in the January, 2006, issue of Headache, shed some light on gastric stasis as it relates to Migraine disease... Feature Article.

On the Radio Thursday: Call In and Talk To Me!

Tune in and call in Thursday (April 20)! I'll be joining host Helen Dearman for her weekly radio show Pain Tamers on VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness. Our topic will be Empowerment: Taking Control Over Headaches and Migraine. The show airs live online at 4 p.m. central time/5 p.m. eastern time, and is an hour long...

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This Is Too Much!

I'm extremely, extremely angry right now... sad, heartbroken, appalled, disgusted, horrified, livid... you get the point. Stupidity and callousness should be crimes. They should be capital offenses. Any health care professional who every treats Migraineurs should have to endure at least one pain-off-the-scale, three-day Migraine.

This afternoon, I received an email from a young woman who recently lost her partner and best friend to a Migraine. You may be thinking that it's a sad situation but no reason for my opening paragraph, but it is. You see, her death was almost certainly preventable!

You see, the young woman was on day 50 of a Migraine attack when she died. She was doing everything right. She had called her doctor. She had gone to see her doctor. She went to a new neurologist who promised to order an MRI, but never did. Sigh. At one point, she was admitted to the hospital, but then her own neurologist as well as others refused to see her. Why? Because they didn't believe she truly had a Migraine that was lasting so long. They thought she was a drug seeker! Nobody ordered any imaging studies to see if she had a tumor or an aneurysm. Nobody paid any attention to the fact that she wasn't asking for any particular medication, but just for someone to make it stop. Nobody did a damned thing, and she died.

There is absolutely no excuse for this. None. It would be different if she hadn't sought help; it would be different if the so-called professionals she went to had tried to help her. It's the fact that she sought help and was denied help because those fools didn't believe her that makes this criminal in my eyes.

Heaven help those doctors if I ever meet them. Only heaven would be able to.

Happy Easter

"The Lord is risen!"

For those of you celebrating Easter this weekend, may your holiday be blessed and joyous.

May the peace of God, which passes all understanding, be with you and remain with you always. Amen.

Were the Psychedelics All Bad?

It's nothing new. Drugs that are abused or misused by a small segment of society become stigmatized. Other segments of society overreact, and the potential benefits of the drugs become lost in the shuffle.

Case in point... Does anyone remember Quaaludes from the 70s? Maybe. But how many of you remember that Quaaludes were a actually a legitimate, useful drug named Methaqualone?...

There's potential new research into the so-called "psychedelic drugs." Is this country ready for it, or will we let stigmatization from the past keep us from making progress? Continue reading...


For those of you who are observing Passover, may the day bring you many blessings and peace of spirit. Happy Passover.

Please Join Us?

ComputerWriting can be very therapeutic, both for the writer and the reader, and blogging has become very popular. On our Help for Headaches and Migraine site, we've started a new blogging/journaling community for anyone who would like to blog about life with headaches and/or Migraine disease. Not every post has to be related to headaches or Migraines. We write about life in general, family, work, books, anything -- as long as we at least occasionally share our thoughts about head pain.

We're offering free blog space to anyone who would care to join us. You can find an index of those of us who are pioneering the community at If you'd like to join us, please send an email to with the following information:

  • The name you'd like to use for your ID (this will also show as your name on your blog). Example: TRobert.
  • Your real name. (For my use only. You may remain anonymous if you wish.)
  • The name you'd like for your blog. Example: Putting Our Heads Together.
  • The time zone you're in, so I can set the time stamp accordingly.
  • Any preference of main colors.

Please consider joining us!