Value of Migraine Patient Education Confirmed
What Is... Pseudotumor Cerebri?

Unique Education Series Setting Sail!

The statistics are shocking. Nearly 50 million Americans suffer from persistent pain. Nearly 36 million are affected by Migraine disease. At least 80% of the world's population will be affected by tension-type headaches at some time in their lives. These “invisible” illnesses can be disabling and can make those afflicted by them feel isolated, alone, and powerless.

Dr. John Claude Krusz, Helen Dearman, and Teri Robert have joined forces to form Pain Tamers™ At Sea to provide opportunities for chronic pain, headache, and Migraine patients to learn about their conditions and management techniques. In the setting of an ocean cruise, the goal of Pain Tamers™ At Sea is to provide a peaceful, relaxing setting for educational seminars combined with a short vacation. Feature article.

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