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A New Year's Change, MyMigraineConnection

With his new year has come an unexpected, but pleasant change for me. Nearly seven years ago, I started the headaches and Migraines site at It was a great opportunity, and I value the time I spend working there. Still, there comes a time when even good things come to a close, and I left About earlier this month.

Mmc_hcn_block250That doesn't mean, however, that I'm not continuing to write and work toward better patient education and support or that I won't be continuing my advocacy efforts. I'll still be writing here, and I've joined the HealthCentral Network as the Lead Expert Patient at MyMigraineConnection. At MyMigraineConnection, I'll be writing the same type of articles you're used to, blogging, and participating in the forum. When you have a few minutes, come say "Hello!"