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"Migraine Expressions" - A Must-Have Book!


There are many ways to raise awareness. Sometimes, art and literature can reach people who seem to be otherwise unaffected. Migraine Expressions is a powerful new tool for raising awareness about Migraine disease.

If you have Migraines, you'll find yourself in the pages of this impressive book. If you don't have Migraines, this book can help you better understand what it's like to live with Migraine disease.

Edited by Betsy Blondin, Migraine Expressions is 192 pages of Migraine disease put on paper -- poetry, prose, drawings, paintings, photographs -- all created by Migraineurs. It's both terrifying and inspiring, full of both horror and hope.

Please, go to to learn more or to purchase a copy of Migraine Expressions.

To offer you more information about Migraine Expressions, here's a recent press release...

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