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Yes, I Capitalize Migraine

MigrainecapitalizeA few people have asked my why I capitalize the word "Migraine." A few have pointed out to me that it's technically incorrect to do so. All the style guides say that only diseases and conditions named after people (such as Alzheimer's) should be capitalized. I realize that, but this is an advocacy and awareness issue for me.

  • To make the word Migraine stand out from the word headache. Too many myths and misconceptions about Migraine disease still exist. One of the most aggravating misconceptions is that Migraine is "just a bad headache." To see if you can tell truth from misconception, see our Dispelling Migraine Myths Quiz.
  • To raise both patient and public awareness. More attention is typically paid to capitalized words.
  • To indicate that Migraine is a potentially serious disease. More and more, we're learning that Migraines may not be harmless. Take a look at the recent article Yes, Migraines Can Cause Brain Damage.
  • Just on general principles. I figure that any disease that causes so many people so much pain and so many problems should be capitalized.

If you've been wondering why I capitalize Migraine, now you know. I realize it's technically incorrect but don't care. It's my little rebellion. Wink

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