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Try Treximet for Your Migraines -- FREE

Treximet_ComboPkg_HR Treximet is the newest Migraine abortive medication available. It can't be considered totally "new" because it starts with Imitrex, the first of the triptans, and adds naproxen sodium. For some people, this combination works better than Imitrex or another triptan alone.

We all know that trying new Migraine abortive medications can be very expensive. Sometimes, we can get samples from our doctors, but sometimes they run out.

Well! If you'd like to try Treximet at no charge, or if you're already using Treximet and would like a discount on your prescription refills, I have good news for you....

For a limited time, you can print coupons for a free prescription of 9 tablets or a discount on refilling your prescription.

This offer expired June 30, 2009.

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