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2010 Migraine Poetry Contest Winners Announced

POHTPoetry2010-250Each year, we hold our Putting Our Heads Together Migraine and poetry contest. Winners are announced in April in observance of National Poetry Month.

Every year, I'm amazed and touched by the poems that are entered in the contest.  And, every year, the judges struggle to choose "winning" poems. This year was no exception.

A few of this year's poems made me chuckle, a few brought tears to my eyes, all of them made me think. I hope you'll enjoy the poems as much as I did, and I hope you'll encourage other people to read them. If you know people who don't yet understand Migraines, how debilitating they can be, and how much damage they can do to our lives, these poems may help them understand.

Without further ado...

Those are just the tip of the iceberg. I hope you'll continue on to read the poems that received honorable mention and the other poems that were entered from our announcement page.

My thanks and congratulations go to all who entered this year's contest. Special thanks to the National Headache Foundation for judging this year's contest.

Live well,


Want to See Increased Migraine Research Funding? Send an Email!

CapitolTakeActionDid you know that there isn't a single medication on the market today that was originally developed for Migraine and headache prevention? Nope. Not a single one. We do have many medications that are in use, but they're all hand-me-down drugs, drugs originally developed for another condition, then accidentally found to help prevent Migraines and headaches.

The biggest obstacle to developing new treatments is that researchers still don't fully understand the root causes, how Migraine and other headache disorders work in our brains, and so on. The obstacle to that basic research is lack of NIH funding. We're making some progress toward increased research funding, but we MUST keep pushing for it.

Senator Patrick Leahy and Representative Peter Welch have written a letter to the director of the NIH on this problem. In order for that letter to be effective, we need other Senators and Representatives to co-sign it. Below is an action alert I sent out for the Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy today. Won't you please click the "Take Action" link and email your Senators and Representative? It can be done in 10 minutes or less, literally.

Take Action. Now!

Please Email Your Senators and Representative Now.

Please Email Your Senators and Representative to Co-Sign a Vital Letter
We're making progress. Let's keep it going!
As a direct consequence of AHDA advocacy efforts, the NIH will be convening a major conference on May 16th and 17th that they state is intended to "develop a long-term strategy to support and promote headache research and develop Headache Disorder Research Benchmarks."  We hope and expect that the outcomes of this workshop will bring major new NIH funded research programs that will transform the field of headache medicine and markedly improve the prospects for tens of millions of sufferers.

In order to assure that the proceedings and recommendations that emerge from the May conference are taken seriously and followed-up with substantial funded programs, Senator Patrick Leahy (VT) and Representative Peter Welch (VT) have drafted a letter (click here) of firm support to Dr. Francis Collins, the Director of NIH, which will be copied to the Honorable Kathleen Sebelius, the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Senator Leahy and Representative Welch are very eager to have as many other Members of Congress co-sign this letter as possible in order to send the strongest possible message that headache research must become a major NIH priority. We are asking that you contact your Senators and Representatives as soon as possible through the AHDA Action Center to ask them to co-sign this letter. We encourage you to add a few words to our message that can express to your Members of Congress what better therapy for migraine and other headache disorders would mean to you. With only a few mouse clicks you really can make a significant difference.
Please join us now.
Thank you,
Bob Shapiro, AHDA President
Bill Young, AHDA Vice President
Brad Klein, ANDA Treasurer
Teri Robert, AHDA Secretary

Thank you!


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