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Anatomy of a Migraine

Anatomy When many people think “Migraine,” they think only of the pain of Migraine. In reality, a Migraine (often called a "Migraine attack") consists of far more. The typical Migraine attack actually consists of four parts, referred to as phases or components. It's important to note that not every Migraineur (a person with Migraine disease) experiences all four phases. Also, attacks can vary with different phases experienced during different attacks.

The four potential phases of a Migraine attack are:

  • prodrome
  • aura
  • headache
  • postdrome

Knowing what symptoms may occur during these phases of a Migraine attack can be very helpful. Recognizing the prodrome phase, for example, can help us recognize early in the attack that we're getting a Migraine, letting us be ready to treat it.

Learn more about the four possible phases of a Migraine and their potential symptoms in The Phases and Anatomy of a Migraine Attack.

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