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Review: SootheAway for Migraine

SootheAway166 When you have a Migraine or headache, do you use heating or cooling therapy? Do you reach into the freezer for a gel or ice pack or throw a pack into the microwave to heat up? If you do, the SootheAwayTM Continuous Thermal Therapy device is something worth considering.

I'll admit that I was a bit skeptical, but that skepticism turned into a very pleasant surprise when I tried the SootheAway. With traditional cold and hot packs, I always have problems getting and keeping the temperature right. When I microwave a hot pack, it seems that I always get it too warm or not warm enough. Even if it's the right temperature, it doesn't stay that way very long. Cold packs are the same way. Straight from the freezer, they're too cold against my skin at first. Then they warm up too soon, and I have to get up to get another one from the freezer.

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