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Migraines Are Curable - Not Yet!

MTruthWOfBlogMigraines Are Curable! That was the title of a blog entry that Arabella wrote about on her blog, Migraine Truth.

I don't have a problem with the title of the blog entry, but I had as many problems with the actual blog post as Arabella did. The author of that post had read an article by Dr. Allan Purdy, a wonderful Migraine expert, who had used the same title for a recent research paper he wrote. The difference is that Dr. Purdy was NOT saying that Migraine us curable at this time, but the blogger had taken parts of Purdy's paper out of context and made some statements that just didn't fly.

After Arabella wrote her post, several of her readers commented, as did the chiropractor who had written the original blog entry. I'm not going to say more here because I really hope you'll take a few minutes to read Arabella's blog and the ensuing comments on her post.

Please read Migraines are Curable - Here We Go Again. I also encourage you to post comments and take part in the discussion there. It's interesting, AND the writer of the offending blog entry needs to hear from all of us.

To Arabella, great job! Thank you for your vigilance.

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