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Use Migraine to Get a Discount on Goodnighties

Goodnighties166 A while back, I wrote a review of Goodnighties and shared with you that my Goodnighties gown helps make me more comfortable during a Migraine. It's also helped relieve some of the night-time discomfort of post-menopausal hot flashes.

I'm still loving my Goodnighties, and today, I'm able to tell you that from now through the end of November, you can get a 25% discount on Goodnighties gowns and pajamas. This is a special promotion for you, my readers, and it's just in time for the holidays too.

Whether you'd like to try goodnighties yourself, would like to buy a gown or pair of PJs as a gift for someone else, or both, now's the time. Just shop their website, www.goodnighties.com, and enter the word MIGRAINE in the promotions box when checking out.

And to the kind folks at Goodnighties, thanks!

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