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MigraineCom175w Migraine disease impacts 37 million people in the United States alone. Migraines can be debilitating, frightening, frustrating, and isolating. The Internet has opened many doors for Migraineurs. We now have more information available than ever before. Still, the need for educational information, support, and advocacy continues, and Internet sites that are accurate and unbiased continues.

Today, a new Migraine site is officially launching at For a few months now, a team has been working to add content to, and I'm pleased to be one of the patient advocates and bloggers writing for the site. I'm impressed by the knowledge and passion of everyone involved with the site.

On, you can find:

  • Informative articles about Migraine disease, the types of Migraines, Migraine treatments, Migraine Triggers, and more.
  • Blogs by two great Migraine specialists, Dr. Susan Hutchinson and Dr. Dawn Marcus.
  • Blogs by patient advocates and bloggers whom you probably already know:
  • A discussion forum.
  • An "Ask the Experts" section where you can ask your Migraine related questions.
  • A Migraine Symptom Checker
  • A section of Patient Stories where you can read about other people and their Migraines.

The site has an online Migraine Journal with great new features coming for 2011.

To encourage Migraineurs to share their story, one of the first 500 people who register as a member at and write their Patient Story will win an Apple iPad!

One person has already asked me a question that I know more of you will ask - Does my writing on mean I'll stop any of the work on the other sites I write for or own? No. I will be continuing with my other work as well. We Migraineurs need all the good resources we can get!

Come check out soon!

Live well,



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