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Migraine Specialists: Do You Need One?

MigraineSpecialists166 How well does your doctor understand and treat Migraines? Unfortunately, medical schools still teach very little about Migraine disease. In some medical schools, what's taught is still old information that has now been abandoned by experts in the field.

Having the right doctor or doctors on our health care team is essential. We literally place our lives in their hands. Many Migraineurs have found that working with a true Migraine and headache specialist has resulted in better treatment and Migraine management than they've ever had before. For me, taking the step of going to a Migraine specialist was the real turning point in my controlling my Migraines rather than them controlling me.

At one time, I thought neruologists were Migraine specialists. Now, I've learned that neurologists aren't necessarily Migraine specialists, and Migraine specialists aren't necessarily neurologists. Neurologists are pretty much the general practitioners of all things neurological. When you think of it that way, it's easy to see that they can't possibly stay up-to-date on or be specialists in every disease, illness, and injury that they treat.

The good news is that there ARE doctors out there who truly specialize in Migraine and other headache disorders. They limit their practices to this field, and they participate in continuing medical education in the field.

It's not always easy to find a Migraine and headache specialist. There aren't enough of them, so sometimes, we have to travel a bit to see one. When I first realized I needed a specialist, there wasn't one in the entire state of West Virginia, so my husband and I traveled eight hours, each direction, to the Jefferson Headache Center in Philadelphia so I could see Dr. WIlliam Young. It was worth every mile, every minute, every dollar.

So many people ask me for help in finding a specialist that I maintain a listing of recommended specialists. All of the specialists on the listing have been recommended by their patients or by another specialist whom I know and whose judgement I trust. I don't put specialists on this listing because they ask to be added. I DO check the medical license of each of the doctors included in the listing at least once a year.

Do you need to find a specialist? I've just updated our listings and have added several doctors. You can look for a specialist in Recommended Migraine and Headache Specialists.

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