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Migraine Chat - Every Wednesday

MigraineChat225 Living with Migraines isn't easy. There are, of course, the medical issues of living with Migraine disease; but there are other issues too. Issues with family, work, freinds, getting medical care, dealing with insurance companies, and so much more!

Sharing information and supporting each other is priceless. You never now when you'll learn something from another Migraineur that's very helpful OR when you know something that can help others. There's aslo a great deal to be said about spending time among people who really "get it."

To that end, Diana Lee has set up a weekly online Migraine chat to be held every Wednesday at 6 p.m., central time.

To participate in the chat sessions, go to http://www.chatzy.com/239212172661. You'll want to bookmark the page so you can return to it easily. The password is easy. It's the name of Diana's blog, somebodyhealme.

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