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Cindy McCain Speaks Out About Migraine

McCain128 Some of you may remember that I had the opportunity to interview Cindy McCain about her Migraines back in September of 2009. (See Interview with Cindy McCain: Migraine Sufferer, Advocate.)

Mrs. McCain was delightful, but her story was like that of too many Migraineurs - a story of being dismissed by doctors, of having to finally say "No," to her doctor and insist that someone listen to her. At the time of our interview, she was also determined to work toward getting Migraine better recognized so that all of us would have a chance at better treatment.

Things happen in life, and Mrs. McCain has been out of the MIgraine spotlight for a bit. But, she still thinks Migraineurs are "misunderstood, misdiagnosed, and basically are suffering in great numbers across this country with very little help."

I really don't want to give away what she has to say, so please take a few minutes to listen to what she had to say when she talked with Dr. David Dodick of the American Headache Society and the American Migraine Foundation in this new podcast. After you listen to this podcast, please share it with all of your friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, and every way you can think of.

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