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Migraine Rescue: When Our Regular Treatments Fail

7Essentials#6-125 What is it that constitutes good Migraine Management? This morning, I read an email from a woman who's struggling to find a doctor who is willing to give her a shot when her "regular" Migraine treatments fail and she needs help. To my way of thinking, she shouldn't be having to worry about this. The doctor who treats her for her Migraines should have this covered.

This is what's called rescue treatment - treatment we use when the treatment we normally use when we get a Migraine fails. When our Migraine treatment fails, we're in bad shape. We're usually in a lot of pain and plagued by other symptoms as well - nausea, vomiting, photophobia, and more. If our first-line treatment fails - and it will fail sometimes - we and our doctors should have a rescue plan and rescue treatment in place. It's not realistic to expect us to be able to go to the doctor when this happens. First of all, getting anywhere is terribly difficult and adds to our pain. Some people live alone. How are they supposed to get there? If it's a weekend, after hours, a holiday, or during our doctor's vacation, then what? Relying on an emergency room in these situations is even worse. Many emergency room personnel don't want to see Migraineurs, and again, it's difficult to get there.

In a truly comprehensive Migraine management regimen, rescue treatment is an essential element. Have you and your doctor discussed rescue treatment? Do you have rescue treatments in your Migraine took kit?

You can learn more about rescue treatment in Migraine Management Essential 6: Rescue Treatment.

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