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Migraine Blog Cited on Fox News Watch

MicheleBachmann100 If you haven't seen or heard any of the news stories about Michele Bachmann's Migraine over the last week, you must have been asleep. The stories have been pretty impossible to miss.

You'd probably think that news story after news story about Migraine diseae would make me happy, BUT there have been so many statements, accusations, and speculations that were so off-target that the coverage has been frustrating instead.

Even after Bachmann released a letter from Dr. Brian Monahan, the attending physician of Congress, saying that her Migraines are "infrequent," some of the media continued to report about her "chronic" Migraines. Rather than raising awareness and educating audiences about Migraine, too much of the coverage has perpetuated misunderstandings and stigma.

Saturday, on Fox News Watch, there was an interesting conversation about the coverage - when it's appropriate to use anonymous sources, if this was indeed a valid news story, and more. They also mentioned women who were writing about the issue and mentioned my blog on MyMigraineConnection. Here's a video of that program...

What do you think of how Bachmann's Migraines have been handled by the media? Please post a comment and tell me. (Please focus your comments on the coverage of her Migraines, not on politics and whether she'd make a good President.)

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WNY Migraine and Headache Disorder Support Group Meeting 7/19/11

Please join us for the fourth meeting of The Western New York Migraine and Headache Disorder Support Group on Tuesday July 19, 2011. We meet on the third Tuesday of each month at the All Care for Women building on 6095 Transit Road in East Amherst, New York 14051. Anyone whose life is affected by Migraines and/or headaches is welcome to join us, we start the meeting at 7pm.