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NhbpmLogo150Today's Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge:

"My TV Show. Your blog is being turned into a TV show! Congrats – you’ve earned it. In fact, you get to co-write it. Write about the TV show based on your life or blog."

The new weekly 60-minute television show Putting Our Heads Together  combines features of educational programming with reality show programming.

Host: Patient Educator and Advocate Teri Robert

Alternating Co-Hosts:

  • Dr. Rob Cowan
  • Dr. David Dodick
  • Dr. Peter Goadsby
  • Dr. Richard B. Lipton
  • Dr. Elizabeth Loder
  • Dr. Alan Rapoport
  • Dr. Stephen D. Silberstein
  • Dr. David Watson
  • Dr. William B. Young
  • Dr. John Claude Krusz
  • Dr. Sanjay Gupta
  • plus more Migraine researchers and specialists

Each week, a small group of Migraine patients will join Robert and her co-host to discuss topics related to living with Migraine, a potentially debilitating neurological disease. The first 30 minutes will be utilized in discussing and educating the audience about the symptoms, pathophysiology, and impact of Migraine. During the second 30-minutes, the guest physician will review the case of one of the Migraineurs, offering comments, insight, and suggestions to help the patient and their physician and educate the audience.

Some of the topics covered in the first segment of the show include:

  • Cortical Spreading Depression - What Is It?
  • The Phases of a Migraine Attack and Their Potential Symptoms
  • Migraine Prevention - Why Is It Important?
  • Doctors and Patients Working Together As Treatment Partners
  • Identifying and Managing Migraine Triggers
  • Dispelling the Myths Surrounding Migraine
  • Busting the Stigma Associated with Migraine Disease


Due to environmental Migraine triggers, Putting Our Heads Together will be on a specially designed set that will not be used for other shows and will be cared for by a dedicated crew. Lighting will be as soft as possible for television due to the increased sensitivity to light often experienced by Migraineurs. Cleaning products will be carefully selected to avoid their triggering Migraines in the hosts and guests. The set will be fragrance-free with no perfume or scented products to be used by cast, crew, or guests because of the potential for fragrance to trigger Migraines.

Show Dedication:

The show will be dedicated to the memory of Dr. Fred Sheftell, and the credits will reflect this dedication.

Theme Song:

The theme song for the show will be "Migraine Blues" by Dr. Fred Sheftell.


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