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A Mascot for Migraine?

GryphonToday's Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge prompt is to give our condition or community a mascot. A mascot for Migraine? I have to admit that this one stumped me a bit. To me, mascots are generally positive, and it seems strange to choose one for such a dastardly disease.

As I thought about it, I realized that a mascot for the Migraine community is appropriate. A mascot to represent the people who fight this disease every day, without giving up.

Then, the choice was a problem. I sat here and thought of, then rejected, many possible mascots. Finally, I chose a mytholoigcal creature, the gryphon or griffin. The gryphon is a combination of a lion and an eagle. Here are a few of my reasons for choosing the gryphon:

  • Both lions and eagles are perceived to be strong, and Migraineurs are strong.
  • "Eagle vision" can be helpful in identifying triggers, noticing the early symptoms of the Migraine prodrome, and more.
  • The gryphon, like Migraine, is complex.

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