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Migraine - Never Have But Want To; Never Have, Never Will

NhbpmLogo150Thinking about Migraine and my work, today's Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge prompt is easy! The challenge:

Never Have I Ever. You stick to your guns – now tell us about what. What is something you’ve never done but want to. What’s something you’ve never done and won’t budge on?

I've never been able to attend the International Headache Society's International Headache Congress (IHC) when it was held outside the United States. The IHC is held every two years and offers a superlative opportunity for learning and networking with Migraine and headache specialists from around the world. I attended the last IHC held in the U.S. in Philadelphia in 2009. It was amazing, so amazing that I want to attend all of them.

One thing I've never done and never will do is to give up and let Migraine disease win. There have been times when I was curled up in bed five or six days a week, all day, with a Migraine from hell, but I didn't give up on finding help and effective treatment. I sought help from a Migraine specialist, and for several years, had one Migraine a month or fewer. Because of some other health issues and having to reduce the medications that were helping prevent my Migraines, they've gotten more frequent again, but I'm not giving up. I'm seeing a specialist next week.

To anyone with Migraines, I would say, "Don't give up!" There IS help out there. If your doctor isn't able to help you, get to a Migraine specailist. It's important to know that neurologists aren't necessarily Migraine specialists, and Migraine specialists aren't necessarily neurologists. If you need help finding a specialist check my listing of patient recommended Migraine and headache specialists.

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