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Migraine Pearls or Onions, 12/18/11

PearlsOrOnions125 There's a great deal of information about Migraine online, but not all of it is accurate and unbiased. It can be bright, polished, and valuable, or it can be... well, rough and stinky.

This feature, "Migraine Pearls or Onions?," highlights both the Migraine Pearls I come across online and the stinky Migraine Onions.

Today, I'm going to start with the Migraine Onion, saving the best, the Pearl, for last...

Onion100 Today's Migraine Onion goes to the blog Articles about Morf Racing for their entry Migraine Cure - Finally, a Recent Presription drug Offers Promise. Articles About Morf Racing? Seriously? I'm not even sure what morf facing is, so I did a search. On one site, I found it described thusly:

"MORF racing is an off-road triathlon team based out of Boulder, Colorado... We  mainly race off-road triathlons, including Xterra races, but we also race Cyclocross, Mountain Bikes, showshoe races, road tris, trail runs, and anything else that sounds like fun."

So, I guess it should come as no surprise that this blog entry about a "Migraine Cure" is inaccurate AND based on old information. They're writing about Telcagepant, and say...

"It is noted that this medication should help or simply render migraine cure for countless people suffering from critical migraine disorders."

No, Telcagepant was not being developed as a Migraine "cure." Migraine is a genetic neurological disease for which, at this time there are no cures on the market OR in development. Telcagepant was originally in clinical trials as a Migraine abortive medication. There was some research into it as a preventive medication as well.

The blog also says...

"However, if approved, Telkagepant will end up being the first medicine for migraine that could cure migraine simply by blocking the receptors of peptides encoded by the calcitonin gene (CGRP)... Even further study is actually desired to verify whether it is risk-free to use telcagepant on people with cardiovascular malady. Other research is also neccessary to consider the long-term efficiency and safety of this particular migraine cure. Let’s cross our fingers and hope that the true migraine cure has finally appeared."

Let me make it clear that this blog was posted on December 15, 2011 to back up my point about it being based on outdated information. Yes, Merck had conducted many clinical trials of Telcagepant, and they had gone so far as to apply to the FDA for approval of Telcagepant for the treatment of Migraine. BUT on July 29, 2011, nearly five months ago, they withdrew their FDA application and permanently discontinued development of Telcagepant. Even though the person who wrote the blog entry had included clinical trial data, he or she obviously didn't complete their research before writing.

I suggest that whoever writes for Articles About Morf Racing stick to topics within their area of expertise. I've asked this before, but I'll ask it again - Why do people insist on writing on topics outside their area of expertise, areas that already have expert writers providing quality information online?

And, todPearl100ay's Migraine Pearl. Today's Pearl goes to Migraineur and blogger Kerrie Smyres of The Daily Headache and Migraine.com.

Kerrie has been living with Migraines since she was 11-years-old and started blogging on The Daily Headache in 2005. Kerrie has really been through the wringer with her chronic Migraines and headaches. For some time, she was even unable to blog because doing anything on the computer made her Migraines worse.

It's truly great to see Kerrie blogging again. She's insightful, witty, and always well informed. Welcome back, Kerrie!

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