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New Migraine and Headache Blog Network


Blogs about Migraines and headaches have been multiplying like bunnies recently. Have you noticed?

If you do a search for Migraine or headache blogs, the results are overwhelming. What's more, you can waste a lot of time going to blogs that are nothing more than advertisements. Don't you hate that?

I love reading good blogs. I learn from them, and they make me feel less alone and isolated with my Migraines and headaches. They remind me that I'm part of a huge online community. There's solace in that.

This week, I started a new web site, the Headache Disorders Blog Network. The purposed of the site is to compile a directory of good blogs on Migraine and other headache disorders - blogs by patients, advocates, health care professionals, and nonprofit organizations. To be listed, blogs need to:

  • be accurate in any information posted on them.
  • be updated fairly regularly.
  • contain information related to one or more headache disorders.
  • be free of commercial bias.

Blogs will not be listed if:

  • the information is incorrect or outdated.
  • content has been plagiarized.
  • the content comes from "free article" sites.
  • the sole or primary purpose is to promote goods or services.
  • they contain claims of a "cure."

Since Twitter is considered to be "micro-blogging," there will also be a section for listing Twitter ID's of those Tweeting about headache disorders.

The Headache Disorder Blog Networ will be an ongoing project with blogs being added on a regular basis. Please bookmark it so you can refer to it often. If you have a blog that you'd like to submit for inclusion or know of one you'd like to suggest, please email your submission.

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