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Living with Migraines - Thoughts on a Sunday


It's been a tough week in the Migraine and headache community, and that's really an understatement. Everywhere I turn, people are suffering, physically and emotionally.

The weather seems to have a personality disorder - it can't decide if it's winter or spring. That's triggering Migraines for many of us. Cluster sufferers are having a tough time too.

There was a suicide in the community last week. I don't know if I'm more sad or angry about it. I'm sad for the woman who took her life, but I'm so angry at her ex-husband that he should be glad he'll never have to face me. He's one of those not-a-freakin-clue jerks who is so selfish that he divorced her over her Migraines. If I had my way, he'd meet the fate that servants used to face in ancient Egypt and be buried with her. The stigma of Migraine stuck again.

OK, taking some deep breaths here. A friend of mine, Mary Seroski, sent me a link to a YouTube video that I just have to share with you. It's undoubtedly the most beautiful video I've ever seen. I watched it and marveled at the beauty of it and of all of God's gifts it depicts. It gave me hope. I hope it will do the same for you...

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