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Awareness166As you may know, it was announced recently that Migraine and other headache disorders finally have an "official" awareness color - purple. (See Migraine and Headache Awareness Go Purple.) That means that purple can stand for any headache disorder...

  • Migraine with aura,
  • Migraine without aura,
  • basilar-type Migraine,
  • hemiplegic Migraine,
  • any other form of Migraine,
  • cluster headaches,
  • tension-type headaches,
  • chronic daily headache,
  • new daily persistent headache,
  • etc.

After the announcement of our color, one of the things I did on Facebook was set up a purple ribbon that people could add to their profile pictures via PicBadges. Check out our purple ribbon on PicBadges. It's a basic, plain, royal purple ribbon that can be used to raise awareness of any form of Migraine or any other headache disorder.

There is also a purple ribbon with a red stripe on PicBadges, set up by Cat Charrett-Dykes, that represents chronic Migraine. Cat has worked very hard on raising awareness of chronic Migraine, and it is important to her that people know the difference between the two ribbons.

So, for those of you who have been emailing me and asking, that's the difference between the two. The plain purple represents ALL Migraine and headache. The purple with the red stripe represents CHRONIC Migraine. To answer another question, yes, you can put more than one PicBadge on your Facebook profile picture. When you're on PicBadges and click to add the badge, just arrange them so they don't cover each other.

To answer one more question from my email - No, pediatric Migraine is not a specific form of Migraine. Children can have the same forms of Migraine that adults can have. I understand that there is now a PicBadge for "Pediatric Migraine," but that's referring to an age group, not a form of Migraine.

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