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Migraine Awareness Month 29: "More Often than Not."

AwarenessMonth2012BC2Good morning, and welcome to day 29 of National Migraine Awareness Month!

Today's prompt for the Awareness Month blog challenge is:

Migraine Awareness Month #29: "More Often Than Not."
Today is Chronic Migraine Awareness Day. Think of and share a random act of kindness that you could do for someone with chronic Migraine.

First for anyone who may not understand what chronic Migraine is, let me explain:

As defined in the International Headache Society's International Classification of Headache Disorders, Second Edition (ICHD-II), which is the gold standard for diagnosing and classifying Migraine and other headache disorders, chronic Migraine is Migraine or tension-type headache 15 or more days per month with at least eight of those being Migraine. In other words, people with chronic Migraine are in pain more often than not. Some people actually have a Migraine or headache every day. You can read more about chronic Migraine in Chronic Migraine - What Is It?

Now, on to the challenge. There are several "random" acts I can think of that could be quite helpful to someone with chronic Migraine. For the chronic Migraineur in your life, I'd suggest choosing one that best fits their life:

  • If they live alone, they may get lonely, especially because they may seldom feel like getting out. Give them a call and see if they feel like having a visitor. If they do, offer to bring lunch with you and spend some time with them. As if there are any errands you can run for them before or after your visit. Be sure to ask about what to bring for lunch, not just so you bring something they like, but also to avoid any food that might be Migraine triggers for them.
  • If they have a family, fixing dinner may be an issue for them. Offer to bring a home-cooked meal for them and their family. Again, check to see what foods are good. Pack everything into a basket or box, including disposable plastic plates and utensils so there are no dishes to be washed.
  • Do you have friends with chronic Migraines who have kids? Offer to pick them up from school? During the summer, offer to take the kids for an afternoon or a day.
  • Call a friend with chronic Migraine and just ask how they're doing and what they're doing that day. See if they need anything, want any errands run, or if there's anything at all you can do for them.
  • Call a friend with chronic Migraine and tell them you'd like to learn more about their Migraines and what you, as their friend, can do to help them. It will mean so much to them that you'll be totally amazed!

ChronicMigraineButtonToday is Chronic Migraine Awareness Day! Please take a bit of time today to do something for someone with chronic Migraine. If you've never lived with having that kind of pain more days than not, it's hard to imagine living that way. It's not just the pain and other symptoms. It really wears a person down, saps a person's strength and hope. A small gesture from a friend can go a long way toward restoring that hope.

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