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JasonMrazHello, Migraine family! Watching The Today Show this morning, I heard a musician I'd never heard before, Jason Mraz.

Wow! He's amazing. His style is what I'd describe as a combination of jazz, pop, and calypso, but that really doesn't do him justice. Several things struck me as I watched:

  • He was having fun with his music.
  • I could easily understand the lyrics.
  • The music stirred me to move.
  • He was having fun with his music and sharing it with the audience!

Although I often enjoy the concert series on The Today Show, it's not usually to the extent that it was this morning. This morning, I pulled up iTunes to check out Jason Mraz and ended up downloading two of his albums. Then I checked out his web site www.jasonmraz.com. From there, I went to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Thanks to YouTube, I have a little Friday Migraine inspiration gift for you - a video of one of Jason's songs. Take a few minutes to sit back, uninterrupted, and watch it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

I hope you have a happy, safe Labor Day weekend!

Live well,



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