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Migraines and Our Migratude - Let's Explore!

ExploringMigratude166Hello and Happy New Year to all of my extended Migraine and headache family!

Some people have asked me about my resolutions for the new year. I'm taking a different approach this year, and I'm not making any resolutions. Although resolutions are great for many, people, I've found that they can make me feel like I've failed when health issues prevent achieving them.

So, instead of making resolutions and asking you to share yours, I've decides to introduce a new concept and an initiative to go with it - one that we can utilize all year, every year, to help us improve our health and our quality of life.

In developing this concept, I wanted a new word that would truly reflect what I was trying to say. So, using the process of word devivation, here's our new word...

I combined our aptitude for learning
about and coping with Migraines


our attitude toward Migraine management
and living with Migraines

to get the word



The knowledge we acquire about Migraine disease and our treatments is one of the most valuable tools we'll ever have. With that knowledge, we can:

  • be more effective working as treatment partners with our health care team;
  • make any treatment decisions that we need to make when we get a Migraine;
  • teach family, friends, coworkers, and others about Migraines;
  • and much more.

We also need to have or develop good coping strategies for living with Migraine. Some of us can do that with the suport of fellow Migraineurs, friends, and family. Others may find that it helps to work with a psychologist or psychiatrist for assistance. Either way, our attitude toward coping with Migraines is critical too. 


Our attitude is sometimes overlooked, never addressed at all, and that's a huge mistake. Have you ever taken a psychology class? If so, you may remember the priciple of self-fulfilling prophecy. I am most certainly NOT saying Migraines are "all in our heads." What I AM saying is that our attitude is a big part of the equation for good Migraine management. For example: If we start a medication with the attitude that it's going to be a failed attempt or that we'll have side effects, that's most likely exactly what will happen because our minds are so powerful. SO, let's use that power in positive ways.

The attitude we develop toward Migraine management and living with this disease has a very strong impact on many things, including:

  • how successful we are in working as treatment partners with our doctors and other members of our health care teams,
  • the success of our treatment plan,
  • how we interact with our support system,
  • our quality of life, and
  • much more.

Along with the coining of the term Migratude, I'm starting an ongoing Migratude initiative to look at what impacts our Migratude, how we can develop and refine it, and how we can support our fellow Migraineurs who need help improving and sustainging their Migratude.

The goal of the Migratude initiative is better health and a better quality of life for all of us.

So, what do you think? I hope you'll join me in this initiative and develop your Migratude with me.


Live well,



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