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Ask Migraine Specialist Dr. Rob Cowan a Question

QuestionDr. Rob Cowan, a magnificent Migraine and headache specialist and director of the Stanford Headache Center is accepting questions about headache disorders through 5 p.m., Pacific time, tomorrow (Friday, March 8).

Selected questions will be answered on the Stanford Medical blog Scope.

Dr. Cowan is a perfect person to answer Migraine and headache questions. He's a wonderful specialist, has Migraines himself, is a published author on the topic, and is active in advocacy efforts on behalf of patients with Migraine and other headache disorders.

To ask Dr. Cowan a question, Tweet it with the hashtag #AskSUMed or post it in the comments section of this Scope blog entry - Ask Stanford Med: Director of Stanford Headache Clinic taking questions on headache disorders.

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