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Coping with Migraines Begins with Migratude

ExploringMigratude166To say that living with Migraines is difficult would be an understatement. Migraine disease impacts every aspect of our lives, and coping with Migraines becomes an art for those with frequent Migraines.

With more than 50 years of Migraines behind me, I've concluded that the best way for me to cope well with Migraines is by building my Migratude.

What Is Migratude?

Our aptitude for learning about
and coping with Migraines
Our attitude toward
Migraine management and
living with Migraines

Why coping begins with Migratude . . .

  • It's easier to cope with Migraines if we keep learning about our Migraines. Doubt and unanswered questions lead to tension and anxiety - hardly conducive to coping well.
  • Learning all we can about our disease helps us be better prepared to work as treatment partners with our doctors. Good relationships with our doctors also reduce tension and anxiety because we have them firmly on "our side."
  • We sometimes have problems with the attitudes others have toward Migraines. If we can develop and keep our own positive and constructive attitude, it's easier to help others understand, and it's easier to cope with them.

Migratude serves me well. I hope you'll develop YOUR Migratude!

Live well,

PurpleRibbonTiny Teri1


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