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Migraine and Stigma - Migraine Gems

MigGem166Say the word "Migraine" to a group of people, and you'll get two disparate reactions. From those with Migraine, you'll get cringes of understanding. From those who have never experienced Migraine, you're likely to get eye rolling and people making comments that show them to be totally clueless. This demonstrates, unfortunately, that we live in a society where there is still stigma attached to Migraine.

Predictably, research has shown that the stigma associated with Migraine worsens the burden of living with the disease. To read more about the research and for links to two podcasts with researchers who investigated Migraine and stigma, take a look at Stigma Worsens Burden of Migraine.

While we're on the topic of stigma and Migraine, I have to share with you the best video on the topic that I've ever seen...

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