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Do You Experience Migraine Aura? Are You Sure?

TERI-Migraine-AuraIf you have Migraine disease, do you experience the aura phase of the Migraine attack? If you said, "No," are you sure?

I've been seeing far too much confusion about Migraine aura online lately. Here are some misconceptions and pieces of misinformation that I've recently encountered:

  • If you don't have the aura, you don't have Migraines. Whoa there. Not everyone experiences the aura, and those people who do, seldom experience it every time they have a Migraine attack.
  • Aura is only visual symptoms; any other symptoms that occur before the headache are prodrome. Yikes! That is so incorrect. There's a wide range of other possible aura symptoms.

Yes, there are some symptoms that can occur during either prodrome or aura, or even during both, but there are some possible non-visual symptoms that occur during aura only.

Why should we care? Research has shown that the acute treatments we use when we get a Migraine work better when they're taken earlier in a Migraine attack. That's one good reason to know the possible symptoms of the aura phase and learn to recognize them.

The current statistics indicate that only 25 - 30% of Migraineurs experience the aura phase. I'm beginning to wonder if that's correct. It seems quite plausible to me that there are other people who have the aura phase, but since they don't know all the possible symptoms, they don't recognize that they experience the aura phase.

I've been giving this a good bit of attention lately because I want all of us to know all we can about Migraine disease and get the most out of our treatments. I've written about this a couple of times lately, so rather than write it here again, here are some links to information we should all have...

If you've been diagnosed with Migraine without aura, but this information causes you to wonder if you may also have Migraine with aura, please discuss your symptoms with your doctor. It's not only possible, but common to have both forms of Migraine.

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