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Migraines Didn't Sink My Vacation

TERI-Sunset-at-SeaIt's been a while since I wrote anything personal, even about Migraines, so I thought I'd share with you that I was actually take a vacation earlier this month withOUT it being sunk by Migraines.

Thanks to planning, trigger management, and Botox, I was able to get through the nine days with just two Migraines. That's no more Migraines than I'd have had at home, and Zomig (and a short nap) got rid of them both in a pretty short time. Whoohoo!

If you're interested in more about my vacation and the planning and trigger management that allowed me to enjoy it, take a look at the post I wrote about it for HealthCentral - Nine Days, Two Migraines - Vacation Accomplished.

Here are some photos from my vacation. You can see a larger version of each of them by clicking on the photos...


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