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AHMA Is for Everyone with Headache or Migraine

AHMA-is-hope250The American Headache and Migraine Association (AHMA) is for everyone with Headache disorders, including Migraine, Cluster Headache, New Daily Persistent Headache, Tension-Type Headache - ALL Headache Disorders - as well as their families and friends.

AHMA is patient-focused, and patient-driven. We strive to build and maintain hope through support, awareness, and all forms of advocacy - political, social, and personal.

Consider joining AHMA today! YOU are important and AHMA can help you hold on to hope and share that hope with others.

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Let's Talk Migraine - Migraine Cures

Lets-Talk2As much as we wish there were, there is NO CURE for Migraine disease as this time. That's a simple, but difficult, fact.

Last month, I wrote about Tweets and eBooks in Let's Talk Migraine - Useless Tweets and eBooks. As I continue watching Tweets with the hashtag #migraine, I'm seeing another disturbing trend — Tweets that

  • promise to stop Migraine pain forever,
  • tout sure-fire remedies for multiple  unrelated conditions including Migraine, or
  • flat-out promise Migraine "Cures."

In an effort to keep my language clean and family-friendly, I'll just say, "Balderdash!" So let's take those types of tweets one at a time:

  • There is nothing that can stop Migraine pain forever. We wish there were, we desperately wish there were. But, it's as Carl Sandburg said, "Wishes won't wash dishes."
  • Remedies that are touted for multiple unrelated conditions most often help none of them.
  • At this time, there is NO CURE for Migraine.

Stop and think about it for a minute. If there were a cure for Migraine, we would know about it. Even those who believe that "big pharma" wouldn't want us to know about it have to admit that it couldn't be kept hidden. A few years ago, I had several "discussions" with a man who swore he could cure Migraine and that doctors and "big pharma" were keeping his "cure" away from us. I told him that if he truly had a treatment that could cure Migraine, it would not be impossible to let the world know about it. Any reporter worth his or her salt would jump at a chance to not only reveal the "cure," but also at a chance to expose anyone trying to keep it away from patients. The story would have Pulitzer potential for the reporter. It told me a great deal about his "cure" that he never even attempted to contact a reporter even though I suggested several major news outlets to him.

NoCureMigraineWhether we're seeing these claims on Twitter or Facebook, in our email, or somewhere else, they simply don't stand up to scrutiny. They prey on our emotions, on our desire to find effective treatments and, yes, a cure for Migraine disease and other conditions.

They prey on us emotionally and financially. They encourage us to spend money most of us don't really have on their false promises.

If we come across something that we think might have some promise, the best thing we can do is talk with our doctors about it before we invest in something. If someone has a treatment or a lifestyle routine that's worth something, there will be clinical trial data and peer-reviewed journal articles about it. If someone approaches us about one of these products or plans, we should ask them for their clinical trial data and copies of peer-reviewed journal articles. Then, take those to our doctors.

We can each be our own best advocate by not believing things without solid scientific proof. This can keep us from falling victim to false claims and people who prey on us.

Live well,

PurpleRibbonTiny Teri1

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