New Cefaly II Launched for Migraine Prevention
Sunday Thoughts on Living with Migraine 7/24/16

Cefaly II for Migraine Prevention - Additional Info

CefalyIIYesterday, I told you about the new Cefaly II that's now available in the United States for Migraine prevention. People in the UK and Canada wondered if and when it would be available to them. So, I asked for additional information. The Cefaly II will be available in Europe (including the UK) in September. I don't have an availability date for Canada yet, but will let you know when I did.

There's also additional information for people in the U.S. who already have the Cefaly I. People with the Cefaly I can order the Cefaly II without getting a new prescription. Your original prescription will be honored for the Cefaly II. Also, you will receive two sets of three electrodes at no additional charge.

I hope the additional information is helpful. If you missed my original post about the launch of the Cefaly II, just follow this link — New Cefaly II Launched for Migraine Prevention.

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 because a migraine is NOT "just a headache"



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