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Sunday Thoughts on Living with Migraine 8/14/16 - Long Migraines

Migraine Pearls to Dr. Todd Schwedt and Dr. David Dodick

Migraine-Pearls-OnionsMigraine Pearls are awarded to the "gems" in the Migraine community for valuable, shining content and support... current and accurate information... things of value. Migraine Onions, on the other hand, are awarded to "stinky" things in the Migraine community — old or inaccurate content... things that perpetuate misconceptions and stigma rather than fighting them... worthless products, eBooks, etc... and more.

Today, I want to award some Migraine Pearls and shine a spotlight on Migraine specialists who also engage in Migraine research. It's been my pleasure and honor to meet and get to know some of these doctors over the years, and their dedication is amazing, inspiring, and something for which I'll be eternally grateful. 

These doctors not only treat patients, but go a step further toward helping to address the problems that their patients face by conducting research — AND they must often be successful in finding the funding to support that research before they can conduct it. Some of these ladies and gentlemen have dedicated their entire careers to doing everything they can to improve our lives. Adding research to a doctor's already busy schedule can also mean that they sacrifice family and personal time to spend more time working.

Dr. Todd Schwedt and Dr. David Dodick — both of whom practice "Headache medicine" at the Mayo Clinic's Headache Center in Scottsdale, Arizona — are two such doctors who have recently sought and received funding, and are about to embark on an important study. One of the biggest problems facing some chronic Migraine patients and the doctors who treat them is which treatment strategy to choose for patients who have both chronic Migraine and medication overuse Headache. There are two primary strategies at present, but neither proof nor consensus indicate which strategy is more effective and efficient and less difficult and stressful on patients. Dr. Schwedt put together a comprehensive grant proposal and applied for funding from the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). PCORI approved the application and is funding a five-year study titled Determining the Optimal Treatment Strategy for Patients Who Have Chronic Migraine with Medication Overuse with a grant just over $7.7 million.

So, for all they do — for their own patients and everyone with Migraine disease — I award Migraine Pearls to Dr. Todd Schwedt and Dr. David Dodick.

To Dr. Schwedt and Dr. Dodick, thank you so very much!

Live well,

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