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A Day to Fund Migraine and Headache Research - Join Us!

R4R-M4ROn Saturday, October 8, we have several opportunities to help raise funds for Migraine and Headache research:

Runnin' for Research will be holding 5-K runs and 1-mile walk walks in three locations:

  1. Morgantown, West Virginia;
  2. Parkville, Missouri (just outside Kansas City); and
  3. Jeffersontown, Kentucky (just outside Louisville).

There is also a virtual runner option for all three of the Runnin' for Research events for those who can't be there in person to participate. To register to walk or run, in person or virtually, visit the Runnin' for Research upcoming races page.

Also on October 8, Miles for Migraine has a 5-K run, 10-K run, and 2-mile walk in Philadelphia. To register for the Miles for Migraine event, visit their registration page.

About Runnin' for Research and Miles for Migraine:

Runnin' for Research works with patients, doctors, and institutions to hold run and walk events to raise funding for research for Migraine, Cluster Headaches, and other headache disorders and to raise awareness of these disorders. Events can be held in cities and towns of varying sizes.

Miles for Migraine holds events in large cities that have teaching hospitals with fellowships in "headache medicine." Funds raised by these races are used to support research and the education of headache and Migraine experts in these cities.

Please Join Us:

For more information, or to register, visit:

Runnin' for Research

Miles for Migraine


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