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Smiley-thumbs-downSigh. This is a perfect example of why we shouldn't trust everything we read on the Internet. This salt "cure" has been circulating online for some time now, and it's just so wrong. In fact, it has the potential to be harmful to some people. In this case, they reference lime juice and salt, but whether lime or lemon juice are promoted this way, it's flat-out wrong.

Want to know what a Migraine specialist says about it? See Does the Lemon Juice and Salt Migraine Remedy Work?

Migraine causes throbbing pain that usually occurs on one side of the head. Besides being extremely painful, migraines can affect your daily activities, especially if you are working.

The good news is that you can defeat and cure the pain and nausea very quickly with this simple method.

Salt treats migraine

You can try this simple solution, especially if you do not want a migraine to destroy your daily mood and stop you in your everyday activities...

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 because a migraine is NOT "just a headache"

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