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Worth-a-lookI love to read articles and blog posts about Migraine. There are a lot of interesting pieces of content out there. This one, written by Tammy Rome, is one I want to share with you. It looks at learning about Migraine from a different and fascinating point of view. Enjoy!

Headache experts tell us that a wave of electrical activity called cortical spreading depression occurs long before we recognize the signs of an impending migraine attack. It starts in the brainstem and spreads everywhere. The brainstem is responsible for many autonomic reflexes that are disturbed during migraine, such as balance and coordination. This process also affects speech, vision, and hearing centers of the brain. Several neurotransmitters are adversely affected, too. Serotonin, in particular, takes a nose-dive. Understanding this helps me recognize all the symptoms of migraine, not just the headache.
Before I learned this,  I would blame the attack on my bad mood instead of recognizing the mood changes as part of the constellation of migraine symptoms. I would question whether all the strange symptoms were just a figment of my imagination or a sign that I truly was a hypochondriac. Now that I know migraine is a neurological disorder, the weird symptoms make sense. There are biological reasons for all of it. This knowledge is a good thing. By recognizing the symptoms I no longer question my sanity or blame myself for non-existent character flaws that are really just symptoms of the disease...

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