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Migraine Pearls All Around to the Jefferson Headache Center

Migraine-Pearls-OnionsIf you're not familiar with this series, you may be wondering what pearls and onions have to do with Migraine and other Headache disorders. I'll explain.

Migraine Pearls are awarded to the "gems" in the Migraine community for valuable, shining patient care... educational content and support... current and accurate information... things of value. Migraine Onions, on the other hand, are awarded to "stinky" things in the Migraine community — old or inaccurate content... things that perpetuate misconceptions and stigma rather than fighting them... worthless products, eBooks, etc... and more.

Patty Haughton emailed me with a nomination that led to today's Migraine Pearls, so it's fitting that I quote Patty about why Dr. William Young, Jen Cho, and the entire team at the Jefferson Headache Center are hereby awarded Migraine Pearls. Patty told me:

I currently live in Delaware, 30 miles from Jefferson. I moved far away, twice, and commuted by plane and train to see Dr.Young. He has been irreplaceable and years ahead, with regard to knowledge and treatment of migraine, of any other "headache specialist " I have seen. It is Dr. Young's relationship with his patients that truly sets him apart from others in the field. He always has time for another question and never pretends to have all of the answers. I feel as if we are team addressing the migraines. He involves me in every decision.

I would like to thank Carla, Margaret, and Diane, by name, and then mention and all the support staff at Jefferson Headache Center. Carla, Margaret and Diane always greet me by name in the waiting room, even if I have not been assigned to them. They, Dr. Young and Jenn Cho, treat the whole me, not just the headache. They ask about my family and my life and remember details from visit to visit. Again, I feel a member of a team rather than just a recipient of care.

I hear patients in the waiting room who are new to the Center , mumble about the long wait times. I have never minded waiting, because when it is my turn to be seen, the visit is relaxed and anything but rushed. I have also come to the Center with somewhat urgent headache needs, and I have been seen quickly.

I didn't mention in my last email that Bill Young is much more than his patients' physician. He spends countless hours, as do you, advocating  and lobbying for research funding for headache. His efforts in outreach for awareness of and education about headache is evidenced the tremendous increase in Headache on the Hill participation.

In summary, am nominating Bill Young, Jenn Cho and their entire headache team at Jefferson Headache Center for a Pearl.

Patty's nomination struck a chord with me. Dr. Young was the first Migraine and Headache specialist I saw, and I'll be forever grateful for his knowledge, help, and compassion. One of the first things he said to me at my first appointment was, "I won't give up on you if you don't give up on me." Neither of us gave up, and with his help, we reduced my Migraine frequency from 25 to 30 days a month to just one or two. That didn't last forever, but when things changed and my Migraine frequency increased, I was far better able to cope while looking for new treatment options because of all Dr. Young had taught me.

Pearl100Congratulations to Dr. Young, Jen Cho, Carla, Margaret, and Diane, and the entire staff of the Jefferson Headache Center! You're true gems in the Migraine community, and greatly deserving of Pearls!

Patty, thank you for nominating these wonderful people!

Do you have someone you'd like to nominate for a Migraine Pearl or a Migraine Onion? If you do, I'd love to hear from you. You can email me by clicking the "Email Me" button in the right column of this blog.

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