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Triptans and SSRI or SNRI for Migraine - Serotonin Syndrome Info

Migraine-Lesson-ChalkThe FDA issued a warning about serotonin syndrome that had many migraine patients in a panic. It warned of this "life-threatening" syndrome, although there wasn't a single death from it on record. The debate blurred the line between medication warnings and medication contraindications, increasing confusion rather than clarifying matters. The FDA does need to issue warnings from time to time. That said, this one seemed to be extreme and perhaps exaggerated.

This lesson includes video from an American Headache Society expert - information that gives us some background information to discuss the issue rationally with our doctors, pharmacists, and other health care providers.

Check out this Ted-Ed Migraine lesson: Triptans and SSRI or SNRI for Migraine - Serotonin Syndrome Info.

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