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Running, Walking, Tweeting for Migraine and Headache Research on 10/8

R4R-M4R-TwitterThis coming Saturday, October 8, is a big day for Migraine and Headache awareness and research funding. There are four important events this weekend:

  • Runnin' for Research run/walk events in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Missouri; and
  • A Miles for Migraine run/walk event in Pennsylvania.

You can find more details on these events in A Day to Fund Migraine and Headache Research - Join Us!

If you have some time on Saturday, there's an easy way everyone can help us raise awareness with these events - Tweeting and reTweeting! People at these events are going to be Tweeting, some with photos of the events, and other people reTweeting is a great way to raise awareness for Migraine and other Headache disorders as well as the two organizations.

Twitter IDs:


The specific hashtags for the events are:

  • Runnin' for Research - #R4R2016
  • Miles for Migraine - #M4M2016

Sine other appropriate hashtags include:

  • #Migraine
  • #Headache
  • #ClusterHeadaches
  • #NDPH
  • #ChronicMigraine
  • #HemiplegicMigraine
  • #MHAY (Migraine and Headache Awareness Year - Encourages raising awareness all year.)

Have a great weekend! I'll see you on Twitter. 😘

Live well,

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 because a migraine is NOT "just a headache"



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