Sunday Thoughts on Living with Migraine - Victim or Victor?
Sunday Thoughts on Living with Migraine - Holiday Self-Care

Sunday Thoughts on Living with Migraine - Still Proud

Fall-SundayGood morning, and happy Sunday to my Migraine and Headache family. As always, I wish we could have a day when nobody in our community has a Migraine or Headache, but since that's just a beautiful wish, I'll hope that the day is treating all of you as well as possible.

All of the months leading up to the recent Presidential election were... well, I'd say difficult, but that's an understatement. I can't think of a word that adequately describes it. By the time election day arrived, I'm sure many of us with Migraine were impacted by the stress. I know I certainly was. Although stress itself isn't a Migraine trigger for me, there are other triggers I have to watch out for during stressful times - dehydration, skipping meals, messed up sleep.

I first voted in the Presidential election of 1972, the year I turned 18, and the first time 18 year old citizens could vote. I was excited about it because I love my country, and I see voting as both a privilege and a responsibility.

In the years since then, I've never seen anything as shameful as the rhetoric spewed forth during this last election. Never. Although still proud of our country, I was truly ashamed of many people. The issues were nearly lost in the vitriolic stream of name-calling and worse. It didn't stop with the candidates, and it didn't end with the election.

The FREEDOM OF SPEECH that we enjoy and that allows us to state our views doesn't give us the right to devolve into UNpeaceful protests, property damage, and threats. The election is over, and everyone on both sides should be moving forward and being gracious toward others. Our country and our citizens face many enormous challenges, and we'll only overcome them if we work together.

Anyway, I came across a video yesterday that I think everyone will love. Please note that the song is performed entirely a cappella. Even the snare drum sounds are made by one of the vocalists. Please, sit back, relax, enjoy the song, and remember why you're proud to be an American.

Live well,

PurpleRibbonTiny Teri1


 because a migraine is NOT "just a headache"



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